Chasers and Crew

Joel Taylor

From Elk City, OK

Thoughts On Chasing:

"Storm chasing: the addiction. I don't know if there is really any other way to describe it. What kinds of people are willing to spend twenty four hours packed in a vehicle just to have a small chance of seeing a couple of minutes of Mother Nature's most violent winds?

I don't really know why I am so fascinated with the weather. As far back as I can remember, storms and weather have been my primary interest. I can recall eagerly waiting for a severe storm to move in from the Texas panhandle or sitting up all night staring at the yard light looking for the first flake in a winter storm. Many weather enthusiasts have stories like these. We aren't sure why the weather has shaped and many times consumed our lives, but we sure know that we are addicted to it now.

Tornado Glory is a pioneer movie - it is the first documentary that lets you see what it is like to ride along with some of these storm chasing fanatics (myself included). You get to see everything from analyzing data early in the morning, to the conversations during endless hours on the road, to the ultimate prize. Storm chasing does not always involve having large tornadoes on the ground, though most movies and TV specials want to give you that idea. There's so much more going on behind the scenes, and Tornado Glory takes you there. You will feel like you're out on a real storm chase."

Reed Timmer

From Grand Rapids, MI

Thoughts On Chasing:

"When I was very young, I was deathly afraid of thunder and lightning. As I grew older, this fear shifted to curiosity and an immense interest in meteorology and especially extreme weather, such as severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, and winter storms. While growing up in the lake effect snow-belt of western Michigan, I stayed awake for entire nights at a time documenting snowfall rates during snowstorms and creating hours of boring lake effect snow video.

During the summer when severe thunderstorms approached, I would stand in my front lawn with the family video camera while being pelted with large hail and 60 mph winds. As far back as I can remember, I wanted to chase and observe tornadoes. Despite an 8-year obsession with insect collecting and tree identification, my entire life has been devoted to the study of meteorology, as well as storm chasing.

My interest in weather and storm chasing led me to the University of Oklahoma to pursue a degree in meteorology. Meanwhile, every spring season I have been driving from the Mexican border to Canada in search of supercell thunderstorms and tornadoes - with an occasional trip to the East Coast or the Gulf of Mexico to observe powerful hurricanes. The addiction to seeing tornadoes and softball-sized hail associated with supercell thunderstorms grows stronger and stronger each tornado season.

Tornado Glory is a documentary that uniquely describes the art of storm chasing. Not only is there footage of powerful tornadoes and damaging hailstorms, but also the downtime associated with storm chasing is documented. That is often not included in traditional storm chasing documentaries, and will be brand new to many viewers."

Ken Cole (Director, Producer, Editor, Photographer)

Ken Cole grew up in Medfield, Massachusetts. As a high school student, Ken passionately pursued interests in both film production and theatre, performing and editing comedy sketches and directing plays. Upon entering college, he studied his other major love - severe weather - which often involved chasing deadly tornadoes.

Ken attended Lyndon State College and the University of Oklahoma, receiving his Bachelor's Degree in Meteorology magna cum laude from the University of Oklahoma in 2002. He also studied filmmaking history, theory and technique as part of his Master's Degree in Mass Communications. With his debut film, Tornado Glory, Ken fuses his two passions: the mysterious beauty of severe weather and the art of storytelling.

Jay Galvin (Composer, Guitarist, Music Engineer)

In the midst of innovation and inspiration, singer/songwriter Jay Galvin quenches the ear with tasty melodies and creative guitar harmonies. Influenced by jazz, doo-wop, and soul, Jay's sound is unique. Through training at the University of Oklahoma and collaborative gigs in Norman, OK, Jay explores every aspect of musical expression.

Jay grew up musically in Elmira, New York setting the foundation for his functional mastery of the guitar from the age of eight. Jay ventured into songwriting at the age of 13 and hasn't stopped since.

Jason Manzano (Music Producer, Music Engineer)

Jason Manzano grew up in Southern Texas. His mother, a former Mariachi, introduced him to the guitar at an early age, but it wasn't until his college years that he learned to truly wield his instrument. Armed with intense ambition and an intuitive sense of business, Jason relocated to Norman, OK where he soon had his fingers in all areas of music.

The University of Oklahoma became his means to develop as a musician. It was there that he explored his creativity as a songwriter. After several years of both playing in and managing local bands, he discovered his true calling as a producer.

Now Jason is on the brink of the next stage in his career. He has been involved in many recording projects, including his role as head producer in an award-winning documentary, and produced national act Special Disaster Team. Manzano still plays locally in his acoustic band Dead City. Currently, Manzano is delving into acting, and is working on his latest production project, Spit on Strangers, where he fuses his classical training and poetic lyrics into a new genre he calls Industrial Art Rock. He is familiar with all of the intricacies involved in creating a hit song. Jason claims inpsiration from many muses such as art, love, and mystery. This inspiration can be heard in each of his emotional lyrics and felt in each of his musical creations.

Mark Worhatch (Composer, Pianist)

A native of Hudson, Ohio, Mark Worhatch has assisted productions from a variety of disciplines. Trained as a concert pianist, yet also versed in jazz and sacred music, Worhatch has been noted for unique arrangements and improvized compositions. Worhatch is currently a full-time student, husband, and father at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma, where he is pursuing a degree in Aerospace Engineering.

Tim Hudson (Executive Producer)

Tim Hudson is director of the School of Communication at East Carolina University. In addition to authoring more than two dozen scholarly and professional articles in broadcast media, Tim has experience in every aspect of broadcast media. His professional and creative interests include documentary film theory and production.


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