Interview with Actor Jim Wilson

Actor Jim Wilson graciously sat down with for a lighthearted talk regarding his role in the action comedy I.T. Supremacy!

Jim Wilson as Jim DawsonTalk about I.T. Supremacy in relation to other action movies or comedies out there. How is this similar or different?

I think I.T. Supremacy brings the best of both worlds together. I think it smashes action and comedy together so hard that you get a squishy, yet tasty version of a movie – much similar to a slurpee containing a mixture of both cola and cherry flavoring. On a hot, sweaty Oklahoma summer day there’s nothing better than watching I.T. Supremacy and drinking a slurpee. They’re both so good that you’ve just got to take them in slow or you could get a brain freeze.

What is your background and how did you bring your own experience into your role?

The filming of I.T.Supremacy was extremely grueling to both my body and soul. Since both my hands and feet are officially considered weapons by the U.S. Government, I had to back off on doing any real martial arts moves while filming. Obviously, with a small cast the movie could not stand any loss of life or limb. Therefore it was both physically and mentally challenging to hold back and not totally decapitate any aggressors such as the Ninja Hacker I faced from time to time in the movie. I think there are similarities to my martial arts style and Mr. Chuck Norris. However, I feel I have taken some of his style and progressed to a unique style all my own. I like to call it “Clumsiness”.

How similar are you to your character?

I grew up fighting Ninjas in a rough rural part of Oklahoma so I was easily able to assimilate to the role.

Talk about how I.T. is normally portrayed in TV or movies and how I.T. Supremacy is different.

In all actuality I think normal I.T. people are considered brainy yet ugly on TV. We were happy to bring the world the truth that there are actually amazing stunningly attractive I.T. people in the world as well. I think we are well on the way of breaking the stereotype that I.T. people are not cool because you can obviously tell we set the standard for “cool and sexy”.

Jim Wilson as Jim "D. Awesome"What was it like shooting the movie? Was it fun, difficult? Do you have any funny anecdotes from shooting the movie?

Shooting the film was a blast. I am lucky that I get to work every day with people who are almost as talented and good looking as I am. We had a good time overall and had several outbursts of uncontrollable laugher that caused us to stop filming for a while until we were all under control. I was thoroughly impressed with my fellow actors. They were all just absolutely amazing. I did recall one scene where I am outside looking up at the Ninja who is staring out my office window at me. I had to express my growing anger at seeing him looking out at me. During the scene as I progressed to getting angry I nearly passed out a few times during multiple takes while imitating my rage. It was actually pretty funny after the fact.