One man’s dream is to find the legendary Bigfoot. After weeks searching in the wilderness, he has an encounter that will change his life forever.


Note from the Director

Dear Film Fans,

The legend of Bigfoot has fascinated millions of people worldwide, and I’m certainly one of them! Even more intriguing to me, though, are the Bigfoot “chasers” – the people who venture into the woods in hopes of finding the fabled creature. What type of person has that level of passion, and what would they do if they found Bigfoot? My short film “Bigfoot & Me” is a lighthearted look at what might happen when their dreams finally come true.

Hope you have as much fun as we had making it,

Ken Cole


Ken Cole as “Bert”
Coalmin Degman as “Bigfoot”

Ken Cole – Director, Writer, Producer, Editor
Sydney Thompson – Director of Photography
Jes Cole – Production Assistant
Amber Cole – Production Assistant